The design of sneakers

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Playground workshop

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In the middle of the exhibition, you will find a wide round table where visitors can play and let their creativity speaks.
Conceived for kids, this space will certainly be enjoyed by all the family.
Given the context, we invite you to download the game booklet, workshops and games online.

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Game booklet for kids to discover the exhibition in a fun way
Free of charge to each visitor and/or downloadable on the website. Material on site. Visitors are free to bring felts, scissors and glue tubes.
Game Booklet downloadable here

« Sneakers Papertoys » workshop to customize you favourite sneaker

© madd-bordeaux
Choose your favourite sneakers among three designs and follow the instructions to create a 3D shoe. It is your turn to design the most original one !
To star the workshop, download the instruction and your favourite sneakers: Nike Air Max, Puma Clyde or Adidas Superstar.
These papertoys are a collaboration with Erwan Chansou, graphic designer at FootLocker Europe.

“Memory Match games” workshop to learn more about sneakers
Before becoming an everyday life outfit, the sneakers were mostly worn for sports activities. The athletes have different needs according their practice. With their diverse shapes and material, the sneakers reflect the close relationship between design and sport performance.
With these memory match games, children will associate pairs and understand the specificities of four different sports: tennis, skate, basketball and running.

Running Memory Match games
Basketball Memory Match games
Skate Memory Match games
Tennis Memory Match games

«Draw yourself in sneakers » workshop to let your imagination run free
With this workshop, children will discover two topics of the exhibition: sports and ecology. Drawing and colouring are on the program. With iconic pair at their feet, they will be free to draw them-selves in many situations.
To start the workshop, download the pdf here.

Other workshop for kids are available here.